MindSense is a B2B SaaS solution, harnessing the power of AI to deliver ground breaking quality of care measures in the psychotherapy field.


SelfCare is an Integrative EHR platform with web based responsive management system and mobile apps for practitioners and customers.



Likely is a preventive health web based responsive app.
Based on a lean and common health data, Likely equips customers with an immersive and useful health report to encourage and engage them in maintaining their health.

Dilemma Guru

Dilemma guru is a B2C SaaS platform for small interior design project, connecting professionals and customers over a web-based application.

Meteo Logic

Meteo Logic’s platform is a machine-to-machine solution, constantly receiving and analyzing data, and transforming the analysis into real time trading orders.


A social platform connecting people to project to people and on…


A mobile app making initial offerings available for all investors, globally.


B2C SaaS platform for creating and sharing digital experiences.