MindSense is an evidence-based, deep tech psychotherapy company that delivers omni-channel meaningful insights; allowing for the first time, to decode a therapy session to its building blocks, measure outcomes, and to actively manage psychotherapy.


MindSense solution generates value to various stakeholders in the mental health vertical; Empowering therapists to improve care outcomes; care-providers to increase the efficiency of care and payers to reimburse moreĀ  effectively.


Using an ensemble of AI technologies, MindSense turns a therapy session into a normalized and structured set of labels that are then analyzed by ML algorithms to identify a wide range of outcomes.
This is then being translated into a set of meaningful and actionable set of insights communicated with therapists and care providers to enable them to deliver a better care in a much more efficient manner.


MindSense is a B2B SaaS solution, harnessing the power of AI to deliver ground breaking quality of care measures in the psychotherapy field.