An integrative health platform, approaching full spectrum of SDOH, to optimize customers health in the near and far future.


People tend to address their health when it comes to extreme, and even when attending an extreme situation, we tend to get back to our old habits.
In order to delays “sick” episodes, people need to manage their health on a daily basis, ensuring they are addressing the right issues with the exact capacity, engaging customers to maintain healthy way of living will make them more motivated, healthy and productive, which has a huge implication on us as society.


By taking a user centric approach, and surrounding customers with a variety of health professionals, empowered by an AI based integrative EHR, SelfCare can maintain a low-touch-high-impact with each and every customer, optimize their health plans constantly and ensure adherence by customers.


SelfCare is an Integrative EHR platform with web based responsive management system and mobile apps for practitioners and customers.