LIKELY transforms medical records facts and figures into meaningful & useful personalized insights.
Using just simple medical BKG details and blood test, Likely delivers a robust in actionable health report which lets the customer know his health status, how is he doing compared to people like him/her, what are his/her risks and what are the recommendations to mitigate those risks.


Preventive care is one of todays’ healthcare main challenges, in the western world healthcare system, 50% of the health budget is being used by 5% of the most seek patients. to improve that, we should encourage people to avoid extreme health conditions and maintain their health in a proper way.


Applying predictive analytics based on 10s of millions of personnel health records, Likely finds the most similar people to a specific customer, health wise, and compares their predictive health conditions.

With that, Likely can point out the general health condition, body system score, specific risks and personalized recommendations to focus on.


Likely is a preventive health web based responsive app. Based on a lean and common health data, Likely equips customers with an immersive and useful health report to encourage and engage them in maintaining their health.