Dilemma guru is an on demand design advice platform, delivering worldwide design confidence, in the interior design market, serving Renovators & Builders with a unbiased, instant and affordable decision making support along their projects.


Interior design projects are usually too small to hire a professional to manage them, thus people tend to do those type of project themselves, without any skill or professional judgment to guide them through the process.
The outcome is a mush more expensive projects, with less successful results.


A SaaS platform connecting clients with Design professionals on demand, to allow quick and affordable advise at any point in time; this allows any project on any scale to be accompanied by a whole set of construction and design professionals leading to a much better result and to high customer satisfaction.

Dilemma Guru

Dilemma guru is a B2C SaaS platform for small interior design project, connecting professionals and customers over a web-based application.