Meteo-Logic’s core competence is in leveraging prediction capabilities and the power of AI to measure and predict the impact of Mother Nature over critical energy related commodities to produce actual market positions with exceptional returns in commodity exchanges.


As renewable energy is deployed and produced more, and the availability of efficient storage technology is lacking, volatility in energy prices in correlation with weather conditions becomes a major factor. Being able to predict that enable to predict the trend in the energy commodities market and as a result, to generate value.


Meteo-Logic collects relevant dynamic inputs, online data, historical info, global weather forecasts and more, building the best data warehouse for accurate prediction and with a proprietary AI engine, built to adjust to various types of data coming from numerous sources and measures the influence of each data source on predicted future behaviors.

Meteo Logic

Meteo Logic's platform is a machine-to-machine solution, constantly receiving and analyzing data, and transforming the analysis into real time trading orders.