geTribute is an online hub for professional work credits. A permanent and verifiable record of people’s contributions to important work projects.
geTribute is the first and foremost destination for claiming credits and finding the real people behind a project. The definition of a “Project” can be widely interpreted, and would basically be defined by the geTribute community, but in a sense, it is any outcome of a manmade effort.


The value proposition we bring is foremost for any professional out there who can express the actual project he / she has accomplished, and on the other hand geTribute will be the destination for people who seek to find who’s under the hood of a specific project. geTribute records and creates real value for users’ past and current work contributions by enabling verification by other team members and employers, and making it easy for others to create and select new project teams that can take past achievements fully into account. Just as traditional film credits list all relevant participants’ roles so will geTribute, with a significant differentiator, that the credits would last forever, could be easily found, and would be for any project imagined.


geTribute is a social web platform, connecting people and projects, through a seamless design and unique journey, allowing professionals to claim an achievement, validating it, and let the world know about it.


A social platform connecting people to project to people and on...