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Cleanest clean, a new pulsed lavage system

Wound cleansing is an essential component of wound management used to facilitate the wound healing process. there are few methods for wound cleansing among them Pour bottle, Bulb & Piston syringe and Whirpool agitation & hose sprayer systems. The new method for wound cleansing is Pulsed lavage system which deliver irrigation solution under pressure that is produced by an electricity powered device. The key element to achieve successful wound cleaning is the pressure used in the irrigation.

The new Cleanest  product by Clean Medical products corp., a Guangzhou based company, is a new Pulsed lavage system that is authorized for distribution in China, and according to Mr. Roland Gao, Cleanest Managing director, It will soon be approved to market in Europe and the USA.

Clean Pulsed irrigation system

Clean Pulsed irrigation system

The Cleanest main features are:

  • Environmental friendly
  • High efficiency
  • Portable
  • Practicable

The advantage of the the Cleanest are:

  • Decrease of post operation infection
  • Increase bone cement to penetrate tissue
  • Reduce secondary injury on wound
  • Create a good and effective transplantation of bone implants
  • Reduce the rate of cross – contamination caused by traditional cleansing

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