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A huge test with innovative solar power technology by the Huangming Solar energy group

Heliostats are spherical mirrors automatically tracking the sun location while set on the ground. A high tower is built in front of the Heliostats with a decalescence device set on the top of it, the tower a absorbs the heat generated by the Heliostats light and transforms it to the ground. The heat then is steaming water which located on the ground, once the water start to evaporate the steam generates electricity.

That test is part of the solar energy power plant which is being built by Huangming Group China. Huangming Group has been focusing on this power plant constructing since 2004. The Huangming Group invented three out of the four key optical collectors which are used in the process. A lot of achievements in scientific research and practical technologies have been invented during this project.

Huang Ming and the vision

Huang Ming and the vision

Himin Solar Energy Group, the creator of China Solar Valley, is a solar water heater manufacturer with an annual production of about 3m square meters of water heaters. Huang Ming, chairman and founder of the company, has turned his once-obscure factory into the largest solar water heater manufacturer in the world in less than 10 years. Yet he started out in the oil industry as a researcher at a petroleum institute in Dezhou in 1982. Knowing that oil was a finite resource, he looked for another area to work. In 1987, he read a book about solar energy and made his first solar water heater by copying the process outlined in the book and gave it to a relative as a wedding gift. Encouraged by enthusiastic feedback, he made more for other relatives and friends until the director of a state-owned factory heard about him and placed an order for a unit that could enable 100 people to shower using solar-heated water. It was Huang’s first deal and earned him 50,000 yuan. Huang poured all his cash into setting up a company called Xinxing, then in 1995 established Himin with some friends. Himin became the domestic market leader in less than three years.

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Dunhuang, one million square meters Solar power plant

The 10-MW solar power plant in Dunhuang of Gansu Province, northwest China, is expected to prompt significant reduction of on-grid solar power prices.
Over 20 enterprises and consortiums, mostly domestic, are taking part in the bidding for this huge tender.
The project, requiring a total investment of 500 million Yuan, is designed to generate 16.37 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. It has a licensed term of operation of 25 years, and the winner needs to accomplish the construction within 18 months.
Adding to that the fact that the cost of polysilicon has plunged from $300 U.S. / kg to about $100 U.S / kg and is estimated to drop even further, prophesies that the cost of solar power will drop even further in the near future.

Hopefully this would cause the establishment of solar power plants much more worthwhile and will allow entrepreneurs all over the world develop this type of alternative energy

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