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Let it be LED!

The Dongguan municipality announced that it is about to start replacing 22,00old road lamps with LED lamps this year, this step can save the city about 60% of the municipal electric consumption which sums up to a saving of one billion Yuan a year.
The thing with LED lamps is that it is expensive, a LED lamp cost almost 10 times as much as common lamp, what requires enormous investments, in the case of Dongguan, the local government announced that it would subsidies 30% of the cost, and the city of Dongguan will add another 110 million Yuan on the project, the rest would be covered by the contractors.
As a result of that, and the decision of the Guangdong province to replace 1500KM of road lights, which is about 100,000 road lamps, by 2015, Dongguan municipal decide to encourage the development  of LED production in the city and to become China’s largest producers of LED lamps.
Also Shenzhen, Dongguan’s close by city, plans on developing a LED industry and it is allocating money and incentives for those who will go into the market.
According to the National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC), in 2008 China subsidized the use of 62 million energy efficient lightbulbs with the investment of 280 million Yuan.
Beside the power saving itself, these improvements will also save 3.2 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions and  32,000 tons of Sulfur Dioxide.

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