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Why whisper when you can Digu?

Digu, Whisper in Chinese, enable users to share “what are you doing now” through images and not just text, and in that term it is different from other microblogging sites

One of the most interesting feature on Digu is its Celebrities’ Digu channel where users can follow Chinese celebs, such as pop star LUO ZhongXu, popular band SuperVC, super girl Li Na etc. This follows Sina strategy, which blogging service is not the first blogging system provider in China and technically is not the best either, but still it is the leading blogging service right now, thanks to its Celebrity Blogs which attract millions of fans who used to know nothing about blogging. In Digu case it is even easier as it is provided through mobile platform and microblogging which is much more portable and handy for the celebs to push immediate updates, the fact that Digu spread itself through images as well, makes it more attractive to users as well, as it would give them the feeling of being closer to their idols.

So, Digu is another microblogging service in the China market, days will tell if its special features will help it to succeed better

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