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New environmental friendly high polymer splint

Say good bye to the good old cast splint.

No more itching, no more days without showering, no more sweating with the new Medical High Polymer Splint (MHPS) from Bright Hygiene.

Bright Hygiene’s new splint is a special synthetic macromolecule polyester with a series of  physical and chemical treatments that allow it to replace conventional cast splint.

The MHPS comes a flat plastic surface, once the MHPS is warmed to a temperature of 70 degrees it become flexible and allow the adjustment of the splint to the injured organ, the MHPS has 8 minutes working time which is more than enough for using it even for the most complex fractions.

According to Mr. David Pei head of sales at Bright Hygiene, this revolutionary splint is going to change the way orthopedists are treating fractions and also treated will be much more comfortable with this brand new splint.

Medical High Polymer Splint

Medical High Polymer Splint

The MHPS features are:

  • Novelty – the MHPS is protected under utility model patent
  • High plasticity
  • Good air permeability
  • Good transmittance for rays
  • Light weight & high strength
  • Washable
  • Environmental friendly material

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