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Take me home, country roads – The Chinese version

A Chinese mayor dancing and playing the guitar in a cartoon, sounds weird? Indeed it is.

This is the first time a leader in China allows to caricature his image into a cartoon.

Cartoon Mayor Represents for Music Festival

Cartoon Mayor Represents for Music Festival

Zhao Xiaoming, Zhangjiajie mayor have agreed to do so in order to promote the country music festival taking place in his town.

The 54 years old mayor had elected by the end of 2007 and since he had put tourism in top priority, his mission as stated is to turn Zhangjiajie into a world famous travel destination. The last economic crisis had dropped the number of visitor in the area sharply, so in order to defeat that the city of Zhangjiajie is having its own County music festival with 24 bands from 18 countries joining 8 local bands to perform country music in the gorgeous sights of Zhangjiajie .

Zhangjiajies vista

Zhangjiajie's vista

The animation had opened a debate among Chinese citizens whereas objections claim it is taking the mayor closer to the people, but most people give Zhao Xiaoming a thumb-up for his did.

Zhangjiajie 2009 international country music week.

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