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Alading’s lamp will light up darker sides of the web

Alading, a new service by Chinese search giant Baidu, is going after indexing information which is not a direct web page, such a dynamic data retrieved by filling a form.

Alading home page

Alading home page

Alading is an open platform to which content provider can feed in predefined data information which is usually dynamic generated, once the data is in the system, alading can keep updating the content by forming the same action again.

The service is still in beta stage and need to prove itself, but it is certainly a blessed idea which has no good solution so far.

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Google China launches a free music download service

As of yesterday, March 30th 2009, Chinese internet users can use Google users can search and download movies directly from Google. This step supposes to assist Google to better compete Baidu Inc, which leads the Chinese search market with about 60% market share.
The new service, partnered with, a Chinese music website co-founded by basketball star Yao Ming, offers downloads of about 350,00 song, both Chinese and foreign. the number of downloads suppose to reach 1.1 million in the next few months.
Unlike Baidu Inc, which offers links to unauthorized music downloads, Google’s service got the support of most of the major music labels including Sony music, Warner music, EMI and Universal. The labels will share advertising revenues, placed on the music download pages, with Google.
A unique feature Google offer to its users is searching for songs according to characteristic, such as rhythm and tone.
According to China Internet Network Information Center (CINNIC ) 86.6% of 298 million Chinese internet users downloaded music from the internet in 2008, what makes music download one of the popular services in the world’s largest online market.
The rate of pirate music download in Chinese was more than 99% last year, what allowed Baidu Inc, to become China largest music search provider.

Google China music search service

Google China music search service

Days will tell whether this move would Assist Google to increase its 27.8% market share in China and if the business model of music labels generating revenues from advertisement will succeed and maybe duplicated itself to other countries around the globe.

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