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Gongliboya Co., to produce a new Nano-antibiosis pipe

Pipes which are used for a certain period of time, develop microbes that grow and cling to the inside surface of the pipe. When the water in the pipe flow slowly or do not flow at all the microbes grow into a layer, which decreases the quality of water and in some cases can also be dangerous, when the pipe is used with hot water, the process happens much faster and could lead to a total plugging of the pipe.

The new nano-antibiosis pipe by Gongliboya is designed to solve all those issues; it is made of Polypropylene and innovative antimicrobial nano material, which has the perfect competence to treat antibiosis. The material is innoxious and stable, so that it could keep its antibiosis quality even with high temperature, long sun burning and different environmental challenges. The use of the pipe is safe for people and for the environment. Its installation is easy it has great compatibility with other materials.

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