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Off the shelf Touch Screen solution

PQLabs Multi-Touch G² is a touch screen overlay that can be easily mounted onto any LCD or Plasma TV monitors. This simple, lightweight and low cost solution let you deploy Multi-Touch technology instantly to existing monitors without the need of any configuration. Multi-Touch G² is connected to the computer via a USB cable (No power cable is needed).
Because of the simplicity and portability of Multi-Touch G², it can be easily used in the meeting room, conference, exhibition, command & control, event shows, classrooms. It can be easily placed on a stand, on the wall or built into a coffee table.

The Ultimate Gaming Experience – Multi-Touch Warcraft
Unlike other Multi-Touch systems which only support 1024×768 maximum graphics resolution, Multi-Touch G² supports Full HD (1920×1080). 1024×768 is hardly enough for a 32″ large screen to display crispy pictures (think about the difference of 640×480 vs 1024×768 on your 17″ monitor) To ensure the best quality of your Multi-Touch demo, Multi-Touch G² provides the ultimate solution.
Unlike other Multi-Touch systems which are sensitive to the environment lighting and cannot be used outdoor, Multi-Touch G² touch screen can be used in dark environment as well as outdoors under strong sunshine, without the need of a single recalibration.

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