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China Wind generated energy to consume 40% of total energy consumption by 2050

Source: Daily China

China has set an imaginative target for renewable energy consumption of 40 percent of total consumption by the year 2050.

The news comes as it emerges that China will have 100 GW of wind power capacity by 2020, more than three times the 30 GW the government set as a target 18 months ago.

China has currently around 12 GW of wind power capacity and is about to increase it to 20 GW next year what would turn wind energy to be a bigger energy source than nuclear.

Currently China is the fourth largest wind energy producer after the United States, Germany and Spain.

“China is powering ahead with no visible signs of slowing down,” said Steve Sawyer of the Brussels-based GWEC. “If anything it is accelerating. They intend to become the largest market in the world, very clearly, and they probably will unless things take off in the US again in the relatively near term.”

China’s local wind turbine manufacturing industry has “grown dramatically” as power production has expanded, Sawyer said. Local manufacturers, dominated by Sinovel Wind Co, Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co and Dongfang Electric Corp, captured more than half the domestic market for the first time in 2007, rising to between 75 percent and 80 percent last year.

“Although all the big international brands are there and their markets are growing in absolute terms, their market share is diminishing pretty rapidly,” Sawyer said.

Large scale wind turbines

Large scale wind turbines

Wang Jun, director of the National Energy Administration’s renewable energy department, said: “Renewable energy will become the mainstream power supply in 2050 from a supplementary role in 2010.” He envisaged a future with heating dependent on solar and geothermal power, cars driven using biofuels and families owning their own photovoltaic power stations, turning the country from the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases to one of its smallest.

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Will it still spin?

Officials in National Energy Administration (NEA) insist that China would stick to its plan of reaching 100gW Wind Power energy till 2020.
Zhang Guobao, director of NEA, said China will build wind farms with capacity of over 10gW in inner Mongolia and XinJiang autonomous regions and Gansu, Hebei and Jiangsu provinces over the next decade, the total investment in those plants is estimated for more than one trillion Yuan.
If all goes according to plan, by 2020 3% of China’s overall power generation consumption, rising from 1.1% in 2008.
Domestic wind power generation reached 10gW in 2008, which means that China has the second fastest growth rate in wind power energy manufacturing, behind only USA.

Hebei, one of China’s key wind power bases due to its closeness to North China grid load center is seeking for investment of 100 billion Yuan which would enable it to achieve 12gW wind power capacity by 2020, right now the total installed wind power capacity is 1.1gW.
China’s five leading power generating groups are: China Huaneng group, China Datang group, China Guodian group, China Huadian group and China power investment group.

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