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“the country that harnesses the power of clean, renewable energy will lead the 21st century”

Some industry analysts are concerned about the future of China alternative energy growth due the economy slowdown.
The hype around renewable energy is going to relax, the economic crisis, which cause dramatically drop in crude oil and coal prices will cause renewable energy production to be much expensive relatively speaking, and would decrease the incentive of investors to go in.
But that just in theory, in fact China’s top economic planning body, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) published on its website couple of weeks ago that it had approve the construction of two hydropower stations and two wind farms one in Sichuan province and the other in Guizhou province with a total capacity of 20gW.
But that just a part of it, China is also making a big progress in Nuclear energy production and plans to double its production capacity in the coming decade by building 8 new nuclear power plants which would be in charge of 1% of China energy consumption.
The National Energy Administration (NEA) reports that by 2020, China wind power production capacity would reach 100gW.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

China investments in wind power and nuclear power last year rose 88% and 72%, respectively, while the investment in thermal power plants declined 22%, those figures shows how serious is the China government in adopting alternative energy generators.

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Let it be LED!

The Dongguan municipality announced that it is about to start replacing 22,00old road lamps with LED lamps this year, this step can save the city about 60% of the municipal electric consumption which sums up to a saving of one billion Yuan a year.
The thing with LED lamps is that it is expensive, a LED lamp cost almost 10 times as much as common lamp, what requires enormous investments, in the case of Dongguan, the local government announced that it would subsidies 30% of the cost, and the city of Dongguan will add another 110 million Yuan on the project, the rest would be covered by the contractors.
As a result of that, and the decision of the Guangdong province to replace 1500KM of road lights, which is about 100,000 road lamps, by 2015, Dongguan municipal decide to encourage the development  of LED production in the city and to become China’s largest producers of LED lamps.
Also Shenzhen, Dongguan’s close by city, plans on developing a LED industry and it is allocating money and incentives for those who will go into the market.
According to the National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC), in 2008 China subsidized the use of 62 million energy efficient lightbulbs with the investment of 280 million Yuan.
Beside the power saving itself, these improvements will also save 3.2 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions and  32,000 tons of Sulfur Dioxide.

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Green – Promotion – Innovation

Zhongshan Trade and Investment Fair 2009 & Sweden-Zhongshan Business Seminar, sponsored by Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government, will be held grandly in Zhongshan Expo Center on March 28th-30th, 2009.
This will be the first time that Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government puts forward Regional Cooperation as the special topic of this Fair in 2009. With the aim of promoting economic and trade cooperation between Zhongshan and Swedish enterprises, this Fair theme will be energy efficiency and environmental protection technologies and solutions from Sweden and other countries all around the world. This Fair will also present to the world Zhongshan’s favorable investment environment, advantageous geographic location, abundant market resources, enterprises with distinctive industrial features and key projects of the energy efficiency and environmental protection industries, which serves as a platform for technological exchange and cooperation as well as investment attraction between Zhongshan and Swedish regional government and enterprises.

Zhongshan Trade and Investment Fair 2009

Zhongshan Trade and Investment Fair 2009

About Zhongshan

At present the Central Government of China is forcefully promoting the technological progress in energy efficiency and environmental protection. the coastal region of China including Guangdong is facing major challenges and opportunities brought about by the restructuring of the industry and developing new-type industries, under these circumstances, the Zhongshan city – well known to be a garden city voted “one of the most livable cities in China” – is promoting the manufacturing of energy saving and environmental protection equipment and the R&D of high technology in these fields. Meanwhile, the Zhongshan government encourages the development of environmental protection service industry, the production of “green products” and the establishment of new material industries. The city vision is to become a city suitable for business, innovation and living.

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